Welcome to the shop front for the Periodised Microcycle Starter Templates. Here you will find a series of off-season weekly training plan options for athletes with concurrent training needs. This corner of our website provides you with the Macro and Meso planning templates to allow you to action the Exercise Library.

The goal, as always, is to get you up on your feet, writing effective strength and conditioning programmes for real people and learn by doing.

We’d recommend familiarising yourself first and foremost with the Starter Template as it contains all of the most fundamental principles of programme design for Concurrent Training needs. From there you can explore the Template Adaptations menu below. As the name suggest, the Template Adaptations directly build on the science of adaptation and periodisation baked into the Starter Template.



The Starter Template at the top of this page is the Parent template. It is weekly training template designed to attend to Speed, Strength, Metabolic Conditioning and Trunk Capacity in equal measures and starts from a position where we training everything, every week.

Click to select the Starter Template and you’ll head through to the Starter Template page where you’ll learn how to allocate Exercise Categories into this scaffolding framework and minor variations both with and without sports practice scheduled in.

Once you understand the Starter Template, you can delve into variations of this template for more specific training goals. The goal here is to maintain the Everything Every Week philosophy but skew the schedule towards one of speed, strength, metabolic conditioning or even just additional upper body without ever knowingly losing sight of the bigger picture.


Here you’ll find training templates that still meet the core periodisation criteria built into our Starter Template. These templates are designed for an athlete with Concurrent Training needs but skews training toward certain session priorities.

Prioritise 2x/wk Strength Sessions
Increase demand of 2 days/wk strength, reduce conditioning load to accommodate.
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Prioritise Conditioning with 2x/wk Strength + UB Split
3rd metabolic conditioning session with strength training upper and lower body strength training split.
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Prioritise Speed/ COD
2days/wk strength and metabolic conditioning plus a 3rd dedicated Speed session on day 6.
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2x/wk Strength with UB Split
Retention of 2x/wk Strength with Upper Body Split onto separate day.

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Prioritise Strength 3x /wk
Extra strength session with lowered metabolic conditioning to accommodate.

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Prioritise Conditioning with 2x/wk Strength
3rd metabolic conditioning session with maintenance of other qualities.
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Prioritise Strength 3x sessions/wk with UB Split
3 lower body and 2 upper body sessions split over 5 days with lowered metabolic conditioning to accommodate.
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Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist

Pablo Picasso

These templates are never intended to be the end of your programme design journey. On the contrary, they are designed to teach you the major building blocks of writing sensible and most importantly effective strength and conditioning programmes. Once you understand these rules you will begin to bend and twist the structure, turn up the dials on certain Exercise Categories and pull back on others.