If you’re looking for more information on our entry level personal training qualification then you’re in the right place. We’ve partnered with Empire Fighting Chance, a Bristol based charity who are transforming the lives of young people in Bristol.

We support Empire Fighting Chance’s mission to provide young people with inspiring work opportunities in the health, fitness and sport industries.

The course is free of charge to our students, funded by Empire Fighting Chance.


All of our level 1 courses take place at Empire Fighting Chance boxing club in Easton:

Empire Fighting Chance
The Mill
Lower Ashley Road


If not, no worries just hit submit and we’ll be in touch soon.


What can I do with this qualification?
It’s important to know what you are legally allowed to do with various qualifications in the fitness industry. With this Level 1 Award you are qualified to assist a Personal Trainer under their supervision. You will need a Level 3 PT qualification if you want to train people independently.

What experience or pre-requisites does this course require?
Absolutely none, this is an entry level course in the fitness industry so it doesn’t require any prior knowledge or experience.

How hard are the practical parts of the course?
This course is designed to be really practical to engage the students in the learning and also teach new movement skills. The course delivery is quite informal and if you are at all uncomfortable with anything we’re doing just tell the tutor, it’s no issue at all.

Do you run these sessions elsewhere?
At present we only partner with Empire fighting Chance to deliver these courses. Please contact us in the form below if you’d like to register interest in hosting this course elsewhere.

I run a charity or organisation with young people, can Systems in Sport run a course for us too?
Absolutely and there’s a couple of options here. Contact us in the form below and we can arrange a call to discuss.

Am I able to do the course if I have a disability?
100%- while it’s a physical course we have the skills to completely adapt the work for your disability. There are clients and athletes out there in need of your insight and empathy so I’d strongly encourage you to contact us and start the plan for how we’re going to adapt the course to your needs.

How are we assessed?
On day 1 you will receive a Learning Achievement Portfolio into which you will log your work. We do open book short answer questions, planning and training session for a client and a practical coaching assessment on the afternoon of day 2. Don’t worry, we walk you through this process every step of the way.

Is this a nationally recognised course?
Yes. This course is certified by Focus Awards who are accredited by an accrediting body called CIMSPA (Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity). Each of these organisations are regulated by OFQUAL who oversee all educational qualifications and ensure your qualification is recognised in the UK and abroad.

Can I be a personal trainer with this course?
Not yet. To be a personal trainer and take money from clients in return for coaching you will need to be Level 3 Personal Training qualified.