The Hinge series has 4 sub-categories of exercises which together form a comprehensive posterior chain programme: They are Glue-Ham, Nordic, Thrusting and Deadlift.

Fundamental to all hinging progressions is the ability to maintain a neutral spine position under dynamic hip positions. By developing strength in a stiffened trunk position with a variety of movement demands at the hip we can expect to have tremendous impact on both lumbar spine injury prevention and performance.

Common Exercises: Romanian Deadlifts, Good Mornings, Nordics, Hip Thrusts, Glue-Ham Raises, Bridging, Arabesques



Want to know how all of these Exercise Sub-Categories fit together, take a look at this summary chart. This should help with deciding how to order your exercise progressions. The grey boxes represent lifts where it is possible to develop decent levels of strength in each sub-category. Your job as a coach is to get your athletes through the progressions efficiently so that they can reap the benefits of more intense exercises in the system. Beyond heavy lifting are exercises that require more complex stabilisation to execute perfectly-in the Hinge Category that means single leg RDL’s, GHR work.